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Perfect Nevada II Pro American Pool Table

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Where to buy pool billiard table near me

Where to buy pool billiard table near me ,On the Nevada II pool table, the ball returns. Every Drop Pocket on Its Own
The traditional drop style pockets used in many American pool halls and sports bars are found on the Nevada II. This indicates that after potting, balls are kept in the pockets so they can be re-racked for your subsequent game.

There is a convenient storage space at one end of the table. When the table is not in use, it is large enough to keep all of your balls and triangle out of the way.

The Nevada II pool table’s corner cap.
Sectional Slate Bed, Inch-Thick
The three-piece, one-inch-thick sectional slate bed is secured in place by the main cabinet. Our technical staff installs the bed into the cabinet, joins it, and then covers it with the cloth of your choosing. The cabinet itself has a sturdy construction, with a strong wood frame and a long-lasting black or white skin.

Premium commercial-grade rubber is used to make the cushions. This contributes to maintaining the high ball speeds that American pool is famous for and offers a highly consistent bounce.

Get the best Experience

Two finishes and two sizes
On your very own Nevada II American pool table, hit the winning shot. With its robust timber frame and slate bed, this table meets American pool regulations and offers a plethora of options to enhance your gaming experience.

American 8 feet and American 7 feet are the two sizes available, and you can select between a deep satin black or satin white finish. After that, cover it with your preferred speed cloth color to make a very unique showpiece for your game room.


Key Features

  • Superb quality American Table at a great price.
  • Solid timber frame.
  • 1-inch thick sectional slate bed playing surface.
  • Independent levelling bolts to precisely adjust slate.
  • American-style drop pockets.
  • Fitted with industry leading American cloth (Hainsworth Elite Pro).
  • Free accessories supplied – 2 cues, 2 1/4-inch spots and stripes & more.
  • Choice of finish and cloth colors – truly unique to you.
  • Stylish steel corner caps and trims.
  • Accessories and installation included in the price.
  • Recommended for Home use and light commercial.

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