Perfect Jaw Pinball Machine By Stern

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Hit the motorized Shark Fin Target with “Blood in the Water” effect animated lighting
Custom sculpted kinetic Chum Bucket toy with Newton ball
Fishing reel themed horizontal spinner
Battle custom sculpted Great White Shark, breaking through three-dimensional shark cage
Great White Shark optical spinning target
Award-winning soundtrack by John Williams
Custom speech by Richard Dreyfuss
Highly interactive playfield & feature set
Insider connected technology – play with your friends
(H) 192cm x (W): 69cm x (L): 140cm
Imperial: (H) 75.5″ x (W) 27″ x (L) 55″
Manufacturer: Stern
Year of production: 2024
Made in the USA
High definition cabinet artwork
LCD display
2 year parts and labor warranty



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Order pinball machine near me .With the Stern JAWS Pro, Premium , Limited Edition Pinball Machine, explore the exciting universe of the beloved blockbuster movie!

This pinball table, which is painstakingly built and has an official license, offers an unparalleled gaming experience that perfectly captures the thrilling tension and excitement of the classic film.

Take in the adrenaline-pumping excitement as you make your way around a playfield that embodies the spirit of the cult classic 1975 film and face off against the scary shark.

With all-new mechanical elements inspired by classic movie scenes and cutting-edge technology, players will experience all four of the critically acclaimed JAWS flicks like never before.

There are three different types of JAWS pinball games: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (LE).
Players of JAWS are taken to the made-up island of Amity Island, which is off the shore of Long Island, New York.

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In the summer, the little fishing village is a well-liked destination for beach vacationers. Serious danger lies beneath the surface of the sea as Fourth of July revelers swarm the island’s beautiful beaches.

Fearing about the island’s tourism revenue, the mayor of Amity Island conceals the shark attacks, which leads to other horrifying attacks.

Players will need to grab their harpoons and take on the roles of Quint, Hooper, and Brody in Stern’s pinball games, JAWS, in order to save the Fourth of July and the people of Amity Island! Take on the planet’s most deadly marine life as the grizzled fishermen.

Our moving lighting effects cause you to perceive “blood in the water,” which heightens the tension. Launch pinballs across the playfield towards the motorized “Shark Fin” target that swims around it. The suspense increases as you maneuver .

“Orca Boat” upper playfield, highlighting a “Post Pinnacle” slope, a boat’s wheel flat spinner on the deck, and a “Radio” stand-up focus to call for help.

Post! A mechanized exclusively etched “Extraordinary White Shark” slam toy comes crashing through the lower part of a fishing boat, threatening players in this exhilarating pinball odyssey.

Will you endure JAWS? additionally,
Notwithstanding vivid film and sound resources incorporated into pinball activity, JAWS incorporates custom discourse by entertainer Richard Dreyfuss and the notorious honor winning film signature music by John Williams.

JAWS pinball games incorporate Harsh’s honor winning Insider Connected™ framework, which empowers players to collaborate with the game and a worldwide organization for players in more than one way.

Through Insider Associated, players can follow progress, chase Accomplishments, take on unique JAWS Journeys, and work on their lifetime Abundance Tracker rank.

Download Insider Connected™ today on iOS and Android.
JAWS pinball games are accessible in Genius, Premium, and Restricted Version (LE) models.

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